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How do we keep our employees and our clients safe?

Safety first is not only our policy, but our company culture.

It is the policy of EnPace Solutions LLC that injury and illness prevention shall be considered of primary importance in all phases of operations and administration.

It is the intention of the company's top management to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist upon safe practices at all times by all employees.

The prevention of injury and illness is an objective affecting all levels of the organization and its activities. It is therefore, a basic requirement that each supervisor make the safety of employees an integral part of his or her regular management function. It is equally the duty of each employee to accept and follow established safety regulations and procedures.

Responding to our changing world

At Enpace Solutions, the safety of our clients and employees comes first. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines to lower the spread of COVID-19 which include wearing a mask at all times in office and job sites and adhereing to social distancing protocols when possible. If you have any comments or questions on our policies please call us at (713) 401-3754.

  • OSHA Compliant
  • CDC Compliant
  • HASC Registered
  • On-Site Safety Training